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John Smith is one of the great eccentrics sailing in the Caribbean. His home is wherever his engineless gaff-rigged sloop, Mermaid, happens to drop anchor. Carriacou, where Mermaid was build, may be his preferred island; you might find him there at a seedy rumshop. If you ask him about nautical history or pharmacology, be prepared for a torrent of information that will engage you until your butt starts to shift on its hard wooded bench. Yes, John Smith is one of a dying breed, a salt stained, single handed Real Sailor who doesn't mince words.
Caribbean Compass

The Mermaid of Carriacou is certainly the most famous 'island sloop' currently afloat in the Lesser Antilles. She's a special boat - a happy, blessed boat. Exactly why this particular beach-built vessel is so remarkable is difficult to say, yet easily felt once aboard her worn, rough-hewn decks. Her planks - her very bones! - seem to radiate a sense of freedom, contentment and rare possibility. She has a warm, friendly heart. To sail her is to love her. Continue......

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