Subject: [Tyrell Bay Marina]
To: Sean
From: John A. Smith

Sean, I thought that I would write to inform you that the first barge with construction equipment has arrived from Trinidad to begin the marina project at the entrance of the the Careenage here in Harvey Vale, Why a nation (island) of seamen-fisherfolk would allow the very embryonic link of that fishery to be destroyed, Ok well... "tampered with" is beyond my ability to reason or rationalize. Mangrove terrain in almost all of the world is acknowledged as being some of the most valuable real estate in existence, and then, only if NOT DEVELOPED! The combination of watershed, hatchery and shore protecting capabilities, if a body of water like the Carriacou 'Canache' and have even recommended that the entire sight be designated a World Heritage Site thereby becoming an internationally protected zone. But alas my small appeals and recommendations fell on deaf ears, and now we have a case whereby High North is protected under the auspices of the KIDO project while the mangroves, the very roots of the island are and have been sold. Pity, I wonder if Friends of the Earth in NYC and concerned KAYAKS etc might be able to at least effect some sort of environmental monitoring of the sight? Are they aware it is Happenings??? I appreciate the privilege to speak with you and ask only that this old long haired hippy sailor not get involved in the 'Verb active' sense, I do look forward to corresponding with you a will of course keep you updated to the not so gentle purr of the not 'So gentle "CAT" diesels waiting for the starting gun..."don't it always seem to go, we don't know what we've got till its' gahn".. between the devil and the deep blue sea I remain your friend.

jasmith/Mermaid of Carriacou


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