Captain John Smith PRESS RELEASE: Top Secrets Leaked!

Treasure! Treasure!! Treasure!!! -Tales from the 'Sung-Ken' Recently discovered documents, just made public to only a few Historians across the entire world have revealed new evidence concerning the disappearance of the Chinese treasure ship that with a large fleet in the early 15th century made a circumnavigation of the globe amassing an unprecedented amount of gold, jewels and ancient charts from/of therefore undiscovered countries and continents. And now... a portion of a copy of the ling missing "Sung-Ken Treasure Fleet"(c) map has been found!!!

ATTENTION: To continue reading this highly confidential and controversial article please read and agree to the following guideline/requirements:

1. You must be tall enough to retrieve a gill of rum some water and some ice from yonder bar without spilling any.

2. If you have a tattoo of a flying crocodile anywhere on your body please read no further and seek immediate psychiatric help.

3. Persons who insist upon quoting Shakespearean sonnets in the Klingon dialect shall look closely for loose wiring, faulty plugs or traces of strange chemicals in their drinking water.

4. The use of pineapple as a pizza topping is forthwith banned.

5. Please submit to the researchers here at the "Sung-Ken Treasure institute(c) any information you might have pertaining to the famous "Sung-Ken Treasure" (c).

6. Any information uncovered or overheard in any sleazy waterfront rumshops concerning the "Sung-Ken Treasure"(c) shall be immediately forwarded to this committee, and please check if they sell pickled eggs would you?

7. Please forward a list of the aforementioned sleazy waterfront rumshops omitting any that either do not sell pickled eggs or which do serve pineapple as a pizza topping.Pilsener on tap is a plus.

8. Anyone with documents pertaining to the disappearance of the famous "Sung-Ken Treasure"(c) fleet or any suspected artifact thereof shall surrender said documents and/or artifacts to the "Sung-Ken Treasure'(c) committee postehaste!

9. And most importantly.. Let it be known that .Henceforth... any artifact found on the seabed between China and Rhode Island including both capes, all islands and reefs and coastlines thereabouts does now fall within the range of the claims made for possession of said artifacts by the "Sung-Ken Treasure"(c) committee here aboard the flagship vessel /the Mermaid of Carriacou. All said artifacts shall be turned over posthaste to this committee. Those who do not comply will soon receive a small black spot from a total stranger named Blind Pew. Beware.

10. Cowries will no longer be accepted as legal tender and no pointed hats to be worn at table.

See how easy it is to become a working member of an international team of explorers, geographers and Historians! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. No worries about filthy lucre cash. Let us do the worrying. Subscribe now to the "Sung-ken Treasure"(c) journal or visit us inline at one of the aforementioned Pubs that serves a good pint. Happy Treasure hunting. Keep in Touch! Yonder laBas,chairman of the International Committee for the recovery of the "Sung-Ken Treasure"(c).

Please leave any data or relics or artifacts in plain brown wrappers at this magazines executive offices. Any information used to successfully recover any of the famous "Sung-Ken Treasure"(c) will be greatly appreciated.

John Smith
Mermaid of Carriacou




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